Daily Scrubber Checklist

-Beginning of the day

  1. Make sure batteries are charged and watered or inspect electrical cable for any tears or broken prongs.

  2. Inspect squeegees for cleanliness, inspect for any wear and tear.

  3. Inspect brushes

  4. Check to make sure recovery tank is clean.

  5. Make sure solution tank if full of clean water.

  6. Inspect squeegee/vacuum hose.

  7. Check screen filter if applicable. 

-End of day

  1. Empty and rinse out recovery tank. 

  2. Clean squeegees.

  3. Inspect squeegee hose and clean any debris.

  4. Clean filter screen if unit is equipped with one.

  5. Wipe machine down.

  6. If unit has wet batteries, check water level to make sure top of plates are covered. 

  7. Plug unit in to charge.